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Lords of LuLu
Lords of LuLu is committed to providing high quality service to our customers. We aim to provide products and services in which our customers have full confidence. We set clear standards of service that satisfy our customers needs and expectations. Our candles are made with 100% soy wax that is produced by American farmers. We use the highest quality of all natural soy, which holds the best fragrance, allows a longer + cleaner burn, and displays a smooth creamy appearance. We employ premium essential oils and fragrances that are mindfully selected and paired with culture conscious labels. We hand pour our creative genius into recycled glass, that can be reused again if you decide, and allow our magic to cure for several days. Once cured, we trim our cotton wicks, which couples well with our soy wax, to permit consistent burn with higher fragrance loads throughout entire burn, reduce smoking, and encourage a stable flame. Our bold colors, alluring aromas, affordability, and creativity is elevated with our high quality, scratch + water + sun resistant, dishwasher + microwave safe culture conscious labels.
Lords of LuLu
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