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Just Groom It For The Bearded King
As a self made entrepreneur and woman who enjoys the look that a full and healthy beard adds to the overall appearance of a man. I often wondered why some men struggled to grow and maintain a healthy full beard. I began researching and having conversations with male colleges, friends and family. Through these conversations, I learned that most men would love to grow a full and luxurious beard. But either have no idea how to go about achieving the look or they simply don’t have the time to do the research for themselves. This was an issue that I knew needed to be addressed. Through research, testing formulas and the need to help those closest to me, Just Groom It For The Bearded King was birthed. We first launched in March of 2020 and the feedback and love has been more than enough to fathom. This product line is designed to give all Bearded Kings the look as well as the confidence to grow their beard with minimal thought.
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